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MARCH 2017


A violent alteration. About ethics and philosophy of religion
Aballay, el hombre sin miedo | Fernando Spiner | 2010

Diego Fonti

CONICET - Universidad Católica de Córdoba


In a context characterized by the revival of religions, all too often in their most questionable aspects, it is worthwhile to think from the perspective of philosophy of religion which is the structure characteristic of that experience, in order to both elaborate a critique and recuperate its possibilities for a responsible and free relationship with others. Beginning with the short story and film called “Aballay, the fearless man”, I propose to research what Michel de Certeau and Jean Luc Nancy understand as the “essence” of the religious experience: the possibility of holding unto a relationship with unconditional alterity. Unlike the “domesticated” versions of religious experience, this relationship does not exclude violence, but incorporates it, allowing for multiple resignifications, which can be destructive as well as respectful and responsible for that alterity. For this research I will engage first of all the relationship between the desire of the Other and ethical violence, as it can be seen in Aballay᾿s transformation. After that, I will study the subjectivity of whoever is “hostage” of this experience of relationship with the Other. Finally I will engage the issue of the possibility of universalization of this experience, in order to show the tension between the impossibility and need of universalization, which is inherent to every ethical and religious experience.

Keywords: Aballay | Philosophy of Religion | Ethics | Alterity | Subjectivity | Violence.

This article is, for the time being, only available in Spanish: Una alteración violenta. Sobre ética y filosofía de la religión

  Table of Contents
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Santiago Peidro
Programa de Estudios Psicoanalíticos. Ética, Discurso y Subjetividad. CIECS (CONICET y UNC) y Cátedra de Psicoanálisis. Facultad de Psicología.
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Departamento de Ética, Política y Tecnología, Instituto de Investigaciones y Cátedra de Etica y Derechos Humanos, Facultad de Psicología, Universidad de Buenos Aires