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Maisie: the subject of the unconscious beyond the child

Valeria Nuñez

Universidad de la Cuenca del Plata, Universidad Católica de las Misiones


A six-year-old girl, a troubled split-up and a fight where everything is done to keep with their narcissism. So far, we have a mixture which is very common nowadays. However, the directors show, to those who do not want to keep up with the parent’s different ideas that create a trauma to the kid, the possibility of the invention of the subject-kid, that one who, according to Lacan’s terminology, stands and does what he has to do with his real. In this short essay, we will try not only to focus on the difficulties that to the kid’s psyche mean the lack of significance from the Other, but also the position the kid takes as subject of true right to have a place in the Other.

Keywords: subject-kid | hipermodernism | subjective responsabilitym | mother | family | invention

This article is, for the time being, only available in Spanish: Maisie: el sujeto del inconsciente más allá del niño

  Table of Contents
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The Sopranos | EEUU | 1999-2007
Veronique Voruz
Scapegoating the Foreigner

Lior Zylberman
Moral individualism and indifference for the Other
El hombre de al lado | Mariano Cohn, Gastón Duprat | 2009
Bruno Biganzoli, María José Sánchez Vázquez
Cortez in the Courts. The ethical value of a translation
The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez | Robert M. Young | 1982
Doris Sommer
An interpellating desire: subverting the moral norms of masculine erogenia

Santiago Peidro
Programa de Estudios Psicoanalíticos. Ética, Discurso y Subjetividad. CIECS (CONICET y UNC) y Cátedra de Psicoanálisis. Facultad de Psicología.
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Departamento de Ética, Política y Tecnología, Instituto de Investigaciones y Cátedra de Etica y Derechos Humanos, Facultad de Psicología, Universidad de Buenos Aires