Call for papers

Ethics and Films Journal is a quarterly Peer Reviewed electronic publication appearing in March, July and November of each year. The Journal will consider for publication original papers or scientific essays, sent in Spanish and English (preferably in both languages​​), related to Applied Ethics, Bioethics, Biopolitics, Ecobioethics and other related subjects, always in its relations with cinema. Reprints and reviews of books on the subject are also welcome.

We expect original investigative essays on films and the theoretical slant with which they are analysed. These should be written in a pleasant essayistic style.

Submission of papers

All material (Spanish and English) to be considered for publication should be sent to: Manuscripts can also be submitted on CD-ROM to the Research Institute, Faculty of Psychology, University of Buenos Aires, Independencia 3065, Third Floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The disk must be labelled with the manuscript title, the authors’ full names and the word processing program used.

Manuscripts must be accompanied by a cover letter stating the following: title of manuscript, name of each author, authors’affiliation, complete mailing address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address. This must be accompanied by a letter signed by all the authors document attached, indicating that they are all in agreement with the submission of their article.

If the results reported in the manuscript have been presented previously at a scientific meeting, this must be stated, giving the name, location and date of that meeting. The full names of any individuals acknowledged (acknowledgements) must be given. Funding sources must be cited.

Manuscript characteristics

Originals Papers:

All submissions must include a title page indicating the title in bold characters (ex. Stanley Milgram’s experiment through films. Ethical and methodological issues), the full names of the authors and their institutional affiliations.

Manuscripts must be typed in double space on white A4 paper with 2.5 cm margins on consecutively numbered pages. Papers should not exceed 10 pages (A4) typed in “Arial” style, 12 pt. font size. References should appear at the end of the paper, numbered in order of their appearance in the text, according to the APA rules.

All manuscripts must include an abstract about of 250 words or fewer, without abbreviations or references. A listing of subject keywords (a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6) should be given below the abstract section.

Peer Reviewed process

Correspondence with authors will always be carried out by e-mail. The Ethics and Films Journal will acknowledge the receipt of manuscripts sent to the Journal, and will inform the corresponding authors about acceptance in a maximum period of three months. Each paper will be sent to an Editor who will be responsible for its assessment. Manuscripts will be reviewed anonymously by two expert and independent referees, which constitute the arbitration committee (see Editorial Board).

The Editors and the Editorial Board will assess such comments and reserve the right to reject any contribution not considered to meet the standards of the Journal or will make the appropriate suggestions for amendments. The corresponding author(s) will receive the final decision (Revise, Accept, Reject) from the Editor by e-mail, containing the editorial comments. In case of revision, the manuscript must be returned to the editor by e-mail and the authors should include point-by-point replies to the editorial comments. In the case of discrepancies, pending a formal request by the authors the manuscript may be evaluated by a third reviewer.

Proofs (Spanish-English) will be sent to authors by e-mail and should be returned within 72 hours of receipt. Corrections should be restricted to typesetting errors. Extensive changes at the proofs stage that affect the original sense of the article are not permitted.