Editorial [pp. 7-8]
Ethics in times of pandemic. Psychoanalysis, cinema and singular responses to the fucked up social bond

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba | Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

[pp. 9-12]
The heresy of each one and love as inscription, in the face of the pandemic of the One
The end of the f…ing world ❘ Jonathan Entwistle ❘ 2017

Asociación Mundial de Psicoanálisis | Fundación AVENIR, Argentina

[pp. 13-18]
That intimate stranger
Black mirror - The Handmaid’s Tale - Little fires everywhere | Jodie Foster - Bruce Miller - Lynn Shelton | 2011-2017-2020

AMP, EOL | Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos "Gral. San Martín", La Plata, Argentina

[pp. 19-21]
In praise of the impossible to calculate
Brexit: The Uncivil War | Toby Haynes | 2019

AMP, EOL- Sección Córdoba y Centro de Investigación y Estudios Clínicos, Argentina

[pp. 23-26]
Unbearable strangeness
Sense 8 ❘ Straczynski, M., Wachowski, L., Wachowski, L. ❘ 2015

Universidad Nacional de Formosa, Argentina

[pp. 27-33]
“Dallas Buyers Club” or how to resist segregation drift.
Dallas Buyers Club | Jean-Marc Vallée | 2013

Nueva Escuela Lacaniana-Sede Santiago, Chile

Interview [pp. 35-40]
Transparency as policy of deception
Interview with Gustavo Dessal

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina | ELP - Madrid

Interview [pp. 41-45]
A trilogy of loneliness in the context that we have to live
Interview with Edgardo Castro

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina | Buenos Aires.

Book review [pp. 47-48]
The wire of The Series-symptom
The Wire. The Series-symptom | Juan Pablo Duarte | Ediciones Universidad Nacional de Córdoba | 2020

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina.

Journal review [pp. 49-50]
From times and beliefs
There are so many faiths | Lapso #5 MaTPsiL | 2020

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina