From fanaticism to the truth of the symptom

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

Hadewijch. Between mysticism and passion, the superego
Hadewijch | Bruno Dumont | 2009

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

To be or not to be a fan... that´s the question
Gilda, no me arrepiento de este amor | Lorena Muños | 2016

Escuela de Orientación Lacaniana

People do not want to think, people want to be a fan
El ciudadano ilustre | Mariano Cohn, Gastón Duprat | 2016

Universitat de Barcelona

The omnipotent whiteness: the treatment of Civil Rights in the American Hollywood cinema. Three paradigmatic examples of commercial success
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner | Stanley Kramer | 1967; Mississippi Burning | Alan Parker | 1988; The Help | Tate Taylor | 2011

Documentary film and genocide. Some ethical problems

CONICET | Centro de Estudios sobre Genocidio | UNTREF | FADU-UBA

Serial instincts
The Fall | BBC | 2013-

CONICET - Universidad Nacional de Córdoba