Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

The long journey of central american migrants on their way to the border of Mexico and the United States
La Bestia | Pedro Ultreras | 2010

California College of the Arts | Mary Baldwin University, Estados Unidos | Escuela de Arte Walls of Hope, El Salvador, Colombia

What does God want?
God on trial | Andy de Emmony | 2008

Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Between Fright and Affection”: Voices of Betrayal and Resistance in the Chilean Transition to Democracy
La Flaca Alejandra | Carmen Castillo | 1994

Université Paris VIII Vincennes-Saint-Denis, Francia

Tamburrini by Caetano: from testimony to horror film
Crónica de una fuga | Israel Adrián Caetano | 2006

Universidad Católica Argentina, Argentina

Malvinas, the war that never ends
Soldado Argentino sólo conocido por Dios | Fernández Engler | 2017

Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina

The ambivalent search for the Lost Father
Hable con ella | Pedro Almodóvar | 2002

Training Institute for Mental Health, Estados Unidos

Film review
Freud in the cinema: from the sublime to the ridiculous
Eduardo Laso y Juan Jorge Michel Fariña | 2019

Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Film advance
America: the topicality of trauma
Pachamama | Juan Antín | 2018

Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina